About us

Inn Vöröš operates since 1982 and lies next to border crossing Slovenia and Austria in village Gederovci. We opened Inn in the old hous, that stood in direct vicinity of border crossing. Initially we worked alone (Marta in the kitchen and Franc as waiter). We employed additional help later. We have also had a few students of Hotel trade school performing practice all the time. There are 10 employees working in the Inn at the moment. Ancillary personnel is rather permanent, reliable and kind.


Because the old Inn couldn't satisfy needs of larger groups of guests any more, we started to build an new Inn. Opening took place on Decemer 13th 1996.
We've managed to tolerate charm of old Inn also in a new place and we strive that guests feel well in our country and that they enjoy returning to our Inn.

Marta and Franc Vöröš


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